NEWSIES: Read All About It!

If someone gave you the chance to produce a Broadway version of any film in the Disney canon, chances are slim that you’d settle on NEWSIES, the 1992 live-action musical that is one of the rare financial failures in Disney’s history. And, in fact, it’s a decision that no one ever made. The Tony-winning Broadway rendition of NEWSIES, which brought audiences to their feet more than once in any given performance, almost wished itself into existence despite odds about equal to those faced by the ragtag band of New York City paperboys who challenged publishing titans Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst at the dawn of the 20th century.


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Looking Into the Heart of an All-New Beauty

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, now embarked on a lavish and visually re-imagined new tour presented by NETworks, is one of best-loved of all musicals. It’s easy to understand why. Its classic story -- of a beautiful village girl, Belle, who is first repelled by, then attracted to a gruff yet big-hearted Beast --is indeed, as one of the show’s numbers has it, “a tale as old as time.” The songs (music by Alan Menken; lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice) are almost criminally tuneful. And the musical’s appeal crosses age barriers: truly, “Beauty” is an experience that can be enjoyed by child and adult alike.



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